Plantation Shutters Are A Wise Purchase

Have you heard of plantation shutters but are not sure what they are? Plantation shutters are blinds that cover the inside of the window; the large wood slats are situated inside of a solid frame. Another name for plantation shutters is window shutters. They were created to let free air flow through the home, and they were also designed to create shade so that the property stays cool. Plantation shutters are very attractive, quite durable and provide insulation for the home.

Plantation shutters and Bahama shutters are not the same product. For one thing, Bahama shutters are installed on the exterior of the home, with a hinge at the top of the window. They help protect the glass when a severe weather event like a hurricane stirs up debris.

Shutters are not usually taken up and down at will; they cost a lot of money to put in, and as a result, they are generally left up on the windows for many years. Shutters work well with just about any style or design theme, and they can help to improve a home’s curb appeal.

Aaron from says that plantation shutters these days are so easy to open and shut – giving you a huge amount of power to change the light in any room within seconds.

If wood plantation shutters are not in your budget, look for the ones that are made out of vinyl or fake wood. You can save quite a bit of money if you choose this option instead of going with real wood. In addition, you can find plantation shutters available in a variety of patterns or stains. If there is a certain style you are looking for, you should be able to find it.

Basic plantation shutters have a rod in the middle that helps them to open and close, and they take up the entire window when installed. Typically, the hinge is placed so that the shutter can be opened all the way, to allow air to flow through the home. There are also plantation shutters that are made up of several hinged panels; they can be folded up easily, so the owner decides whether he wants them to cover the window or to allow air to pass through.

Plantation shutters are fast gaining popularity in Australia, particularly in Sydney NSW and Melbourne VIC particularly in the newer estate areas where the home designs are open, light and modern.

Most plantation shutters are custom made. They can be either dressed up or dressed down to suit whatever style you have in the home. Plantation shutters aren’t just for looks; they can protect the home as well, keeping wind and rain from entering the interior of the house.

It is important to note that there are not very many colors available. Plantation shutters are typically light; they may be white, off-white or something similar. The nice thing about a light color is that it goes with just about everything on the interior of the home. There are also stained shutters, which you can purchase in dark walnut or natural, for example. It seems that the limited color availability is a calculated move on the part of manufacturers; these shutters are the focal point of any room, so their color must match well with everything that is already in the space. Light and dark colors are fairly flexible.

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