Asbestos Removal and Safety While Renovating

Here’s 10 safety tips for you to follow during your next large home renovation.

1. Get a burglar and fire alert setup going

If you’re someone that wants to make sure you have a construction or remodeling project that is safe, James King from Chubb Personal Insurance recommends that you use a system of some kind for fires and burglars. He says that there are a lot of systems that are disabled if you’re working and they keep going off. What you should be doing is using plastic bags to help cover the sensors that are then to be removed when people are done working.

2. Get a perimeter fence and motion activated lights put in

People that shouldn’t be in your area can be driven away by what King says is a fantastic deterrent. This is the combination of a gate, fencing, and lights that are motion activated.

3. Check liability certifications

When you’re working with subcontractors and regular contractors they need to have proof of insurance. If you’re trying to keep risks at a minimum you need to get insurance that covers this so that you can make sure everything is kept safe and can be replaced if something happens.

4. Your insurance agent needs to know everything

You need to make it a point to spend time informing your broker or agent. That way, you can have your insurance altered if need be as the project moves forward and new ways of working on the project come about.

5. Smoking needs to be banned

Fires are a big issue that could destroy the project so you need to create a proper smoking area where cigarettes are put out safely. If people have been using torches or anything that could start fires make sure you check the building before leaving it for smoke.

6. Clean up any debris from the site each day

All kinds of debris are flammable, and that’s a good reason to get rid of it every day.

7. Identify Toxic Substances

Before taking part in any kind of demolition you need to make sure you assess and identify the materials you are about to demolish. Lots of old homes have asbestos and lead contained in the building materials. If this is the case you need to contact a company that does asbestos disposal Melbourne and have them assess the situation and maybe send samples off for testing.

8. Put up fire extinguishers

Portable fire extinguishers have to be put into place and need to weigh about 10 pounds in places where people can reach them easily.

9. Store all chemicals that are flammable and in liquid form properly.

Anything that could be lit on fire needs to be placed in an area that complies with codes associated with combustible liquids.

10. Work clothes and cloths stained with solvent need to be thrown out right

Don’t try balling up what you have or stacking flammable materials all together that have been touched by things like oil based paints. Plastic buckets or trash containers are not where you should put these things, either.