Hazardous Substances During Renovations

The nonprofit environmental working group has found that more than 2000 chemicals are used in everyday items in the household such as; foods, personal care products prescription drugs, lawn care products and household cleaners. These harmful toxic substances can be disturbed when you are remodeling your house. This toxins can cause hazardous effect on your health including causing cancer. Some of this health problems can be serious and chronic.

You should therefore approach remodeling projects in caution. You will be able to take caution when you are familiar with the dangerous toxins during home remodeling. We are going to discuss some of the common dangerous toxins that can be disturbed during the home remodeling process.

These are:

Bisphenol A (BPA)

This is a common food contaminant used to manufacture polycarbonate which is a common synthetic used to manufacture food and drink containers and food and beverage lining. This chemical may find its way and stick on the walls during burning of the canes. This chemical can be inhaled during remodeling process. In the body, it disrupt the endocrine system leading to infertility among many other effects.


The USA environmental protection agency has categorized this chemical as carcinogenic. These chemical is found mostly in dumped west product in homes.

Flame retardant

It is a chemical added to most plastics and textiles to meat flammability standards. They contain fluorine and chlorine that may hide in cracks on walls in your house. The toxins have impact on thyroid hormones and can cause infertility both in man and women.


The chemical is a naturally occurring element and it may be found in building blocks, cement, soil, water, batteries and air inside your home. This is the most disturbed dangerous toxin during home remodeling because it occurs in abundant. High exposure to this chemical leads to brain damage. The chemical is even more dangerous to young babies since they have a delicate skin and their organs are not fully developed. They enter into the blood stream of this young children through the skin.


Asbestos has been known for some time now to be extremely harmful to humans. It is possibly the most feared and prevelant of toxic substances when it comes to home renovations, mainly because it’s mainly in homes built between the 1950s to 1970s, and so many of these homes are due for remodelling work. Anyone who is unsure while renovating a home, should always contact a perth asbestos testing company to inspect the materials before breaking any thing.

Perfluroinated chemicals

This is a material used to make unti-stain and sticky resistance. They are used in cooking apparatus to prevent them from staining. They are also used in clothes to make them stain resistance. This chemicals may dissociate from old clothes and curtains. They are also used to manufacture stainless ceilings. They are casinogenic.


They are commonly used in applications that includes building materials, perfumes, cosmetics shower curtains and paints. This chemical is used to provide flexibility and durability. They are mostly inhaled during scrubbing the old paints in the process of repainting.


In conclusion it is important to take caution when remodeling your home to avoid dangerous toxins during home remodeling. First of all you should were protective cloths during this task, protective cloths includes gloves overall cloths and gumboots. These will prevents direct contact of the chemicals with your skin to prevent diffusing chemicals from entering your skin. Secondly you should wear protective masks. This is to prevent you from inhaling the chemicals. Last but not least, ensure you use the right equipment during home remodeling. Keeping all this precautions in practice, you have nothing to worry concerning the dangerous toxins during home remodeling.