Asbestos Removal and Safety While Renovating

Here’s 10 safety tips for you to follow during your next large home renovation.

1. Get a burglar and fire alert setup going

If you’re someone that wants to make sure you have a construction or remodeling project that is safe, James King from Chubb Personal Insurance recommends that you use a system of some kind for fires and burglars. He says that there are a lot of systems that are disabled if you’re working and they keep going off. What you should be doing is using plastic bags to help cover the sensors that are then to be removed when people are done working.

2. Get a perimeter fence and motion activated lights put in

People that shouldn’t be in your area can be driven away by what King says is a fantastic deterrent. This is the combination of a gate, fencing, and lights that are motion activated.

3. Check liability certifications

When you’re working with subcontractors and regular contractors they need to have proof of insurance. If you’re trying to keep risks at a minimum you need to get insurance that covers this so that you can make sure everything is kept safe and can be replaced if something happens.

4. Your insurance agent needs to know everything

You need to make it a point to spend time informing your broker or agent. That way, you can have your insurance altered if need be as the project moves forward and new ways of working on the project come about.

5. Smoking needs to be banned

Fires are a big issue that could destroy the project so you need to create a proper smoking area where cigarettes are put out safely. If people have been using torches or anything that could start fires make sure you check the building before leaving it for smoke.

6. Clean up any debris from the site each day

All kinds of debris are flammable, and that’s a good reason to get rid of it every day.

7. Identify Toxic Substances

Before taking part in any kind of demolition you need to make sure you assess and identify the materials you are about to demolish. Lots of old homes have asbestos and lead contained in the building materials. If this is the case you need to contact a company that does asbestos disposal Melbourne and have them assess the situation and maybe send samples off for testing.

8. Put up fire extinguishers

Portable fire extinguishers have to be put into place and need to weigh about 10 pounds in places where people can reach them easily.

9. Store all chemicals that are flammable and in liquid form properly.

Anything that could be lit on fire needs to be placed in an area that complies with codes associated with combustible liquids.

10. Work clothes and cloths stained with solvent need to be thrown out right

Don’t try balling up what you have or stacking flammable materials all together that have been touched by things like oil based paints. Plastic buckets or trash containers are not where you should put these things, either.

Plantation Shutters Are A Wise Purchase

Have you heard of plantation shutters but are not sure what they are? Plantation shutters are blinds that cover the inside of the window; the large wood slats are situated inside of a solid frame. Another name for plantation shutters is window shutters. They were created to let free air flow through the home, and they were also designed to create shade so that the property stays cool. Plantation shutters are very attractive, quite durable and provide insulation for the home.

Plantation shutters and Bahama shutters are not the same product. For one thing, Bahama shutters are installed on the exterior of the home, with a hinge at the top of the window. They help protect the glass when a severe weather event like a hurricane stirs up debris.

Shutters are not usually taken up and down at will; they cost a lot of money to put in, and as a result, they are generally left up on the windows for many years. Shutters work well with just about any style or design theme, and they can help to improve a home’s curb appeal.

Aaron from says that plantation shutters these days are so easy to open and shut – giving you a huge amount of power to change the light in any room within seconds.

If wood plantation shutters are not in your budget, look for the ones that are made out of vinyl or fake wood. You can save quite a bit of money if you choose this option instead of going with real wood. In addition, you can find plantation shutters available in a variety of patterns or stains. If there is a certain style you are looking for, you should be able to find it.

Basic plantation shutters have a rod in the middle that helps them to open and close, and they take up the entire window when installed. Typically, the hinge is placed so that the shutter can be opened all the way, to allow air to flow through the home. There are also plantation shutters that are made up of several hinged panels; they can be folded up easily, so the owner decides whether he wants them to cover the window or to allow air to pass through.

Plantation shutters are fast gaining popularity in Australia, particularly in Sydney NSW and Melbourne VIC particularly in the newer estate areas where the home designs are open, light and modern.

Most plantation shutters are custom made. They can be either dressed up or dressed down to suit whatever style you have in the home. Plantation shutters aren’t just for looks; they can protect the home as well, keeping wind and rain from entering the interior of the house.

It is important to note that there are not very many colors available. Plantation shutters are typically light; they may be white, off-white or something similar. The nice thing about a light color is that it goes with just about everything on the interior of the home. There are also stained shutters, which you can purchase in dark walnut or natural, for example. It seems that the limited color availability is a calculated move on the part of manufacturers; these shutters are the focal point of any room, so their color must match well with everything that is already in the space. Light and dark colors are fairly flexible.

Hazardous Substances During Renovations

The nonprofit environmental working group has found that more than 2000 chemicals are used in everyday items in the household such as; foods, personal care products prescription drugs, lawn care products and household cleaners. These harmful toxic substances can be disturbed when you are remodeling your house. This toxins can cause hazardous effect on your health including causing cancer. Some of this health problems can be serious and chronic.

You should therefore approach remodeling projects in caution. You will be able to take caution when you are familiar with the dangerous toxins during home remodeling. We are going to discuss some of the common dangerous toxins that can be disturbed during the home remodeling process.

These are:

Bisphenol A (BPA)

This is a common food contaminant used to manufacture polycarbonate which is a common synthetic used to manufacture food and drink containers and food and beverage lining. This chemical may find its way and stick on the walls during burning of the canes. This chemical can be inhaled during remodeling process. In the body, it disrupt the endocrine system leading to infertility among many other effects.


The USA environmental protection agency has categorized this chemical as carcinogenic. These chemical is found mostly in dumped west product in homes.

Flame retardant

It is a chemical added to most plastics and textiles to meat flammability standards. They contain fluorine and chlorine that may hide in cracks on walls in your house. The toxins have impact on thyroid hormones and can cause infertility both in man and women.


The chemical is a naturally occurring element and it may be found in building blocks, cement, soil, water, batteries and air inside your home. This is the most disturbed dangerous toxin during home remodeling because it occurs in abundant. High exposure to this chemical leads to brain damage. The chemical is even more dangerous to young babies since they have a delicate skin and their organs are not fully developed. They enter into the blood stream of this young children through the skin.


Asbestos has been known for some time now to be extremely harmful to humans. It is possibly the most feared and prevelant of toxic substances when it comes to home renovations, mainly because it’s mainly in homes built between the 1950s to 1970s, and so many of these homes are due for remodelling work. Anyone who is unsure while renovating a home, should always contact a perth asbestos testing company to inspect the materials before breaking any thing.

Perfluroinated chemicals

This is a material used to make unti-stain and sticky resistance. They are used in cooking apparatus to prevent them from staining. They are also used in clothes to make them stain resistance. This chemicals may dissociate from old clothes and curtains. They are also used to manufacture stainless ceilings. They are casinogenic.


They are commonly used in applications that includes building materials, perfumes, cosmetics shower curtains and paints. This chemical is used to provide flexibility and durability. They are mostly inhaled during scrubbing the old paints in the process of repainting.


In conclusion it is important to take caution when remodeling your home to avoid dangerous toxins during home remodeling. First of all you should were protective cloths during this task, protective cloths includes gloves overall cloths and gumboots. These will prevents direct contact of the chemicals with your skin to prevent diffusing chemicals from entering your skin. Secondly you should wear protective masks. This is to prevent you from inhaling the chemicals. Last but not least, ensure you use the right equipment during home remodeling. Keeping all this precautions in practice, you have nothing to worry concerning the dangerous toxins during home remodeling.

Home Remodelling Made Simple

Remodeling your home to make it a more agreeable and engaging space is one of the fundamental explanations for each home proprietor’s choice to redesign. Home remodeling can be a long, boisterous and unattractive procedure and demands broad planning and a considerable measure of persistence. A few people redesign to settle and offer the property. Others pick home remodeling to give their homes a “homey” touch.

Planning so as to follow remodeling requires exhaustive and efficient stride, each home proprietor ought to consider a couple of things before home remodeling.

1. Floor plan

In any case, you ought to have the current floor plan of your home. This will give you points of interest of territory measurement, piping and plumbing and so forth. After that, you ought to know the zones that you need to chip away at and if you need to redesign the whole house or simply concentrate on a couple segments: rooms, kitchen, lavatory, storage room, rooftop and so on. You ought to have the capacity to envision how you need to use the space. You can either make a rundown of things yourself or work with an architect to find out subtle elements.

2. Budget

When you have your floor plan and realize what you are going to rebuild and how you are going to do it, the following step is to make a budget. It will offer you some assistance with thinking about your finances and the amount you can stand to put into the redesign. Home remodeling can be very much a costly project; therefore, you ought to make an accurate, nitty gritty budget.

3. Research

Your personal research in such manner is vital. Seek remodeling thoughts online, consult magazines, keep cut outs with you, visit other homes that have been rebuilt and converse with home owners who have experienced the procedure. It will furnish you with a wide assortment of decisions to run with and a knowledge into the encounters of other people will set you up for your own particular remodeling project. Since it is an extensive process and can get chaotic it is prudent that you consult professionals and work with them as opposed to undertaking the project entirely and exclusively all alone.It is basic that you locate a reliable contractor to work with. Continuously check contractor’s references, license and contract points of interest to ensure that everything is all together.

4. Time Management

Ensure that you have a lot of time on your hands before starting a home remodeling project. The procedure can take months at a time and can be troublesome to your ordinary home schedule. Therefore, compelling time management is critical. Make a due date for the project but keep it sufficiently adaptable to permit space for sudden postponements and robberies.

5. Contract

Study your contract altogether. Request a definite composed contract from your contractor or the organization. The contract maintains a strategic distance from any avoiding which might prompt misunderstandings. The contract ought to cover the required time, costs, products used and warranties and so on.

6. Prepare yourself

Home remodeling is an extensive and time consuming procedure. It can get to be boisterous and rambunctious and can murder your understanding. It is imperative that you don’t lose your viewpoint and edge and stay focused on the result.

Fantabulous Home Renovation Ideas

When you are thinking of your house renovation Ideas your house, there are a large number of tasks that you could work on. Every single room of the home and all the foundations can be updated so you will need to know exactly what it is that you want before you can start on anything.

It would be a good idea to go around room to room looking at every aspect of the home and creating a list of things that you would like doing. Go through that list and plan exactly which aspects of the home you would ideally like to change in order of importance. Once you have a plan you can then focus on the task in hand which will make the renovation process a lot smoother and easier. However, if you don’t know where to begin then here you will find some of the best home renovation ideas which may help you.

Some of the Best Bathroom and Bedroom Ideas for Home Renovation

There are two rooms within the home that you may want to focus on. These are the bathroom and the bedroom.

The bathroom is the room that is used only slightly less than the kitchen. It is a place that you visit several times a day and so ideally you want it to look appealing and for it to be convenient to use too. However many people simply do not know what to do to improve the living space in the bathroom so just where should you start?

A fine example of a cheap bathroom upgrade would be giving it a fresh coat of paint and upgrading the cabinets too. Usually the improvements needed are not too expensive but it all depends upon the state of the room. Could you benefit from a new bathroom suite altogether, or could you get away with smaller changes? Is your bathroom small and could it benefit from extra storage? What about the color of the room? Does it do it justice? Often just changing the color of a room can really make a huge difference. Think about how you would want your bathroom to look and then make a plan of action to make it happen.

When it comes to the bedroom, it can be extremely fun upgrading it. It is the one room that is completely private to you. Guests do not usually see the bedroom and it is a space where you should feel comfortable and safe. Think about what you would like in the room. Perhaps small accessories will make a difference such as a throw on the end of the bed? Or perhaps a new color would go really well?

It must not be forgotten that there are other aspects that contribute to a good decor apart from big items like furniture and walls. It is also essential for you to select the appropriate artefacts, linens and accessories for your renovated rooms, as these will portray your tastes and make you feel more attached to your residence.

Finally, you should not get discouraged by the enormity of the task. If you hire a good interior design specialist to assist you, you will get the inspiration and will be able to finish the task ahead of you without any hassles.